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The Ups And Downs Of Euthanasia - 1288 Words

Mi’esha Straughn Dr. Willis 12 October 2017 ENG 101/102 Mini Term The Ups and Downs of Euthanasia Losing a loved one is an experience that no one wants to go through. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and the like are all an integral part of life. However, what if one of these loved ones were terminally ill and losing strength day by day? Would one want to watch them suffer, clinging on to the last bit of life that they have, or would he want to help end the suffering in a peaceful manner? These are some of the questions asked when choosing whether or not to euthanize a loved one. Although it is debatable, the need for euthanasia is apparent not only based on ethical standpoints, but from logical viewpoints as well. Instead of euthanization†¦show more content†¦Opposer Courtney Campbell â€Å"respects and advocates for patients to have control and dignity in dying† (Should Euthanasia or Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legal?). However, he goes on to say that, â€Å"In all cases (medical or non-medical), taking human life should be a last resort, and until our society has given appropriate attention to pain control, hospice care, and advance directive, we will not have met the criteria of last resort with respect to legalized euthanasia† (Should Euthanasia or Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legal?). Campbell, like many others hold their opinions in the hands of emotional preference. As readers can see from this statement, Campbell and opposers that think like him do not fully take the patient s needs into account. Even if they feel like this option is irrational, immoral, and inconsiderate, they still should leave the decision up to the pain-stricken patient and his or her grieving family. Logically speaking, if euthanasia were to be legalized, it would be the final resort-of the patient’s choosing. Stephen Hawking, who has been diagnosed with ALS and despite all odds is still alive at seventy, is an advocate for euthanasia. Hawking states, â€Å"I think those who have a terminal illness and that are in great pain should have the right to choose to end their lives and those that choose to help them should be free from prosecution† (Should Euthanasia or PhysicianShow MoreRelatedWhat Would You Do If You Were In The Position In Which997 Words   |  4 Pagesyour loved ones decided to resort to euthanasia? Would you support their decision? There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the topic of euthanasia. Is it moral or is it immoral? Should it be legal or illegal? In order to form a solid opinion on any topic, you must first be well informed. Euthanasia is the painless and intentional killing of a patient suffering from a terminal illness in order to relieve them. There are several different types of euthanasia, all holding separate ethical viewsRead MoreEuthanasia I s An Action With A Medical Profession1525 Words   |  7 PagesEuthanasia is an action with a medical profession’s help to finish a patient’s life with the patient’s requirement (D, np). In many people’s mind, euthanasia gives them a picture of patients struggling miserably at the edge of death (E, np). It is a controversial topic through centuries. A lot of people support it because they consider it is a useful treatment to those patients suffering from physically and mentally. Meanwhile, same amount of people try to find negative impacts of it to againstRead MoreEuthanasi An Incurable Form Of Cancer Essay1488 Words   |  6 Pagesall of these decisions makes it clear that the United States had come to the right conclusion benefiting our society and making our country a better place. One of the up and coming policies in the political spotlight is the right to euthanasia. Euthanasia is â€Å"the act of causing death painlessly, so as to end suffering† (â€Å"Euthanasia†). Fully healthy people take for granted their autonomy, privacy, and dignity provided by full functioning bodies. Some people, however, are not so lucky. Chantal SebireRead MoreActive And Passive Euthanasia Essay1739 Words   |  7 Pages Rachels and Brock In â€Å"Active and Passive Euthanasia† Rachels demonstrates the similarities between passive and active euthanasia. He claims that if one is permissible, than the other must also be accessible to a patient who prefers that particular fate. Rachels spends the majority of the article arguing against the recommendations of the AMA. The AMA proposes that active euthanasia contradicts what the medical profession stands for. The AMA thinks that ending a person’s life is ethically wrongRead MoreVoluntary Active Euthanasia Essay1010 Words   |  5 Pagesmorally permissible? Voluntary Active Euthanasia is a controversial subject, Does one have the right to end their own life? According to Peter Singer in â€Å"Voluntary Euthanasia: A utilitarian Perspective,† Voluntary Active Euthanasia is morally permissible under certain circumstances. If and only if certain requirements are met by certain parties can the process of voluntary active euthanasia be completed. Certain situations where Voluntary Active Euthanasia is morally permissible include; mentalRead MoreEuthanasia Essay1533 Words   |  7 Pages Intentionally making someone die, rather than allowing that person to die naturally is the definition of euthanasia according to the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force (Euthanasia: Answer to Frequently Asked Questions, 1). This definition, itself, does not sound very appealing. The practice of euthanasia in any shape or form should never be legalized in the United States and should be banned wherever it is presently legal. Whether it be the assisted suicides associated with quot;Doctor Deathquot;Read MorePrinciples of Euthanasia1412 Words   |  6 Pagesand/or moral principles resolve the major issues in medical ethics Euthanasia can be classified in relation to whether a patient gives informed consent, it can then be sorted into three types: voluntary, non-volontary and involuntary. One of the arguments regarding euthanasia is the problem of definition. The question of the argument is, where does the killing of a person become acceptable and subsequently where is Euthanasia applied. There is a debate amongst bioethics and medical literature,Read MoreEuthanasia Is Not An Acceptable Choice Of Death1415 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"Americans tend to endorse the use of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia when the question is abstract and hypothetical† (Ezekiel Emanuel). Not many people support it, but many of them do. Euthanasia the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The practice is illegal in most countries. Or also known as â€Å"mercy killing†. To those many patients who have terminal illnesses the procedu re is done to them. But only if they are sufferingRead MoreThe Argument Of Active And Passive Euthanasia1240 Words   |  5 PagesPassive Euthanasia,† In his article Rachel’s argues that both passive and active euthanasia are morally permissible and the doctors that is supported by the American Medical Association(AMA) is believed to be unsound. In this paper I will offer a thorough analysis of Rachel’s essay then so offer a critique in opposition of his arguments. In conclusion I will refute these oppositions claims by defending Rachel’s argument, and showing why I believe his claims that both active and passive euthanasia areRead MoreShould Euthanasia Be Legal? Essay1449 Words   |  6 Pages Euthanasia: The Right to Die Euthanasia is a concept that has been around for a very long time. It has been practiced since ancient Greece. We all have different opinions towards it; some of us might be for it and others against it. In most parts of the world Euthanasia is illegal. Many countries have denied the right to euthanasia, but is that fair and ethical? It is the painless killing of a patient’s agony from an incurable and painful disease. Euthanasia should be legal

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